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书名 描述
Essential XML Essential Quick Reference

October 2001

A Programmer's Reference to XML, XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, SOAP and More.

If you are building XML-aware applications, attach this book to your utility belt.

xml for the www XML for the World Wide Web

October 2000

Everything you need to create dynamic Web sites by writing XML code.

XML Step by Step XML Step by Step

July 2000

Clearly explains the basics of XML and shows both nonprogrammers and Web developers how to create effective XML documents and display them on the Web.

Begin XML Beginning XML

June 2000

For anyone who is interested in learning what XML is, what it can do, and how to use it. Some knowledge of mark up and scripting is advantageous, but not essential, as the basics of these techniques are explained.

XML in 21 days Teach Yourself XML in 21 days

April 1999

An easy-to-use tutorial that breaks down the task of learning XML into 21 focused lessons. Readers learn through clear explanations of concepts, structured step-by-step tasks, and abundant code samples.

XML by example XML by Example

December 1999

Teaches Web developers to make the most of XML with short, self-contained examples every step of the way.

XML from scratch XML Web Documents from Scratch

March 2000

A road map to managing and publishing documents using XML and XSL.

XML unleashed XML Unleashed

December 1999

A complete and comprehensive reference for sophisticated Web developers that covers every possible use of XML, from creating Web documents to building sophisticated Web applications.

XML Prof Professional XML

January 2000

Describes how the total XML concept will work for programmers. The focus is on real-world applications. Professional XML is for anyone who wants to use XML to build applications and systems.

 XML IE5 XML IE5, Programmers Reference

March 1999

For web developers who want to know more about what XML is, what its potential applications are, and what support is available for XML and its associated technologies right now in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

XML design Professional XML Design and Implementation

March 1999

For all web developers who are familiar with ASP and HTML and who now want to use XML to develop web applications.

Designing Distributed Applications Designing Distributed Applications with XML, ASP and IE5

April 1999

All about creating Cooperative Network Applications. The aim is to promote the re-use of intranet and Internet applications and maintain the viability of applications in the face of change.

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